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Workout 7 of 8: Fitness-Concert (60 min)


Workout 7 of 8: Fitness-Concert (60 min)

Experience the party live! In this breakthrough workout, discover a new way to get fit at the world' largest Zumba Fitness-Concert event. Immerse yourself deep in the party, hear the crowd cheer and feel the experience motivate your mind and body! For your convenience, this workout follows the same choreography as the Exhilarate workout.

Song TitleGenre
1. Bring It On GirlLatin Dance
2. FunkizinhoBrazilian Funk
3. El BacilónMerengue
4. Mueve la CaderaBatucada / Merengue
5. HalaReggaeton
6. Que Quiere La NiñaSalsa
7. Sigue La CumbiaCumbia
8. Anda y DimeTango
9. Don't Let Me Down (Swing)Swing
10. Pa' la Discoteka a BailarTechno / Cumbia
11. CaipirinhaBrazilian Dance
12. SalorienRumba Flamenca / Bellydance
13. I'm Going OnCooldown